About Me

25010166_135049287168793_8938615202618802176_nDebes Chino, MD is a young, influential Nigerian personality. He’s currently an Author of 2 books – Our Future Generation and The Conscientious Emblem. To some, he’s an Editor, Poet, Public Analyst & International Inspirational Speaker who has love for the young generation that transcends barriers of age; cultivating the energy of change, for a better dawn. He’s the Founder of DEBES CHINO MOTIVATIONAL LINK – which is an assembly of young, influential characters, affecting lives in a profound way, aimed at helping youths discover their potentials and teaching them to face life with absolute dedication and serenity. With the vision of developing self-confidence, bringing changes, and influencing people by public speaking.

As a leading provider, International figure and speaker, Debes Chino is committed to deliver excellence in everything he does. Our staff at Debes Chino Motivational Link (DCMLink) knows that the only way we can become a successful business is by making you happy and passing positive messages simultaneously. Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional products and services by choosing Debes Chino to be there at your events for public notes and motivational speeches for different Conferences, Leadership Training, Orientations, Charity events, Empowerment Programs, Youth Revivals, Camping and more.